Penguin Website Awards

Penguin Website Award

Welcome to the Penguin Website Award. This award is aimed at recognising the hours of time and bags of creativity many webmasters have spent on designing, building and running their websites. Any site where a large amount of time, effort and inspiration has obviously been employed is welcome to apply for our award. Please read our application criteria below before submitting your application.


All sites may apply except those containing racist, pornographic, illegal or generally tasteless material. We particularly encourage educational sites to apply.


Navigation Your site must be easily navigable with an intuitive menu system and no broken links. Consideration for those using browsers which don't support image maps is a big plus.

Content Strictly no plagiarism, we all take inspiration from the real WEBMASTERS out there, but that's no excuse for directly copying lots of code and content from other sites. Original and useful content should be the aim, with websites which represent a real resource being particularly well received.

Graphics and Layout Original graphics can take a lot of time to get right and we appreciate any webmaster who has clearly thought out a good idea and put it into practice graphically. Website layout should be consistent and pleasing to the eye throughout. Avoid simultaneous horizontal and vertical scroll bars please - one or the other, or none at all. Pages shouldn't take an age to load (unless adequate warning is given) and sites which are just a page or two of links won't be considered.

Pop-ups, Banners and Ads Most of us build our websites without any monetary gain and a bit of cash from banners etc. is only fair. However, sites full of these flashing distractions are unlikely to get a Penguin Award.

Thanks for taking the time to read my brief criteria. Use the form below to apply for your Penguin Award and I'll get back to you within a fortnight. Best of luck, Dave.

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Shark Friends 17th March 2002

Lovejoy's Rescue Mountain 23rd February 2002

Taylors Elementary School 17th February 2002

Pinguins 9th February 2002

Pinguin Page 5th November 2001

Penguin Goodies 30th September 2001

Crazy about Penguins 8th September 2001

Polar Philately 25th August 2001

Hedwig's Penguin Home 19th August 2001

70 South 19th August 2001

Macon's Penguins 10th June 2001

Gladstone Primary School 9th June 2001

Teaching Virtues 13th April 2001

Upottery Primary School 14th February 2001

St Augustine's Catholic School 10th December 2000

Southwold School Online 25th November 2000

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