The Author
The Author in 1996

I've been interested in natural history since I was old enough to rear my first butterflies from caterpillars caught in the family garden. After the normal years of school, where I only ever really excelled in biology, I went on to study marine biology at the University of Liverpool. The final year, which was spent at a marine biological station on the Isle of Man, gave me a real lust for more research. On South Georgia

After leaving Liverpool in 1994 I managed to get a PhD studentship studying the phytoplankton and bacteria of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. During my three years of PhD study I spent a total of about three months in the Southern Ocean on board the British Antarctic Survey research ship the James Clark Ross. I found the whole experience astounding and the opportunity to see such an array of wildlife and stunning scenery was a real privilege. At work

Today I'm still doing scientific research, although now it is more directly focused on global warming. My work involves studying our impact on greenhouse gas release and trying to find ways in which we might be able to reduce emissions. If you have any questions about my climate change work just email them and I'll be glad to try and answer them.


I hope you have enjoyed this site and that it has given you some idea of the place that is the Southern Ocean. The very remoteness of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean can at times mean that pollution incidents and the like go unreported, so I also hope that it has inspired you to think about the importance of protection for this environment.

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